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Monday Morning Mug: Virginia

Kimmy LaMee

We've been to Virginia and through Virginia numerous times. I actually lived there for about eight weeks as I trained to get ready to move overseas. It's such a beautiful place. Dan recently picked up this mug as he was with a team from our church serving and building a playground for the International Mission Board (IMB) at their training campus. It's one of my most favorite places ever! It's so peaceful and quiet out there and I could sit forever and just soak in all the beauty that is that place. This morning as I drank from my new Virginia mug, I thanked the Lord for the GREAT work that our team accomplished in just a week. I also thanked Him for the time I spent there almost 9 years ago now... that's so crazy to think about! I prayed for the work that the IMB accomplishes there in Virginia and around the world. I prayed for my friends who serve with this great agency. I prayed for the many who have yet to hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I prayed for those training to go - that they would be equipped for every good work, bold in their going, and confident in their calling.

I also praised the Lord that i survived a few days as a "single mom" while Dan was serving and that he was HOME for this Monday Morning! I have a super big love for all the single moms out there who take care of so many details, work, and raise the children... whew, I was tired after day one... 

Monday Morning Mug: Seattle

Kimmy LaMee

Seattle holds a special place in our hearts because we honeymooned here over 6 years ago... WHAT?!?! How is that even possible!?!? We actually didn't get to see all that we wanted to see of this great city because our honeymoon didn't go quite as planned. Dan got extremely sick and we spent most of the week in our hotel room and I learned my vows really quickly... "in sickness and health...".  We did get to enjoy Pike's Place Market and the Space Needle and saw "Dickens of a Christmas" in this great little local theatre - which was so FUN! As I spent time praying for this city - I thanked God for my sweet hubby who I still love in sickness and in health. I prayed for him as he travels this week and serves the Lord. I thanked God for a fun city and prayed that many would come to know Him through friends, like the Fullers, who are living and serving there now.  And I prayed that maybe one day soon we could travel back and both stay healthy and really enjoy all that the beautiful city has to offer! 

6 - errrr 6.5 months now

Kimmy LaMee

Oh my... I'm 6.5 months old and I LOVE life right now! Mommy and daddy started feeding me this really yummy stuff called sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and prunes and it's so much better than that yucky white stuff. I let them know right away that i was DONE with that mess! 

I'm sitting up all big and strong and if my sister doesn't watch out, I'm gonna be bigger than her! Speaking of sister, she started tackling me the other day and threw a ball at my head which only made me LAUGH! She's got nothing on me! 

I have 5 teeth so far and they just keep coming! Those things make me angry and I let mommy and daddy know all about it too. 

I spent the night for the first time at Nana and PopPops and had a blast while mommy and daddy enjoyed a night away. They sure did miss me but I'm a big girl now so I get to do big girl things! I also spent the whole day with Grandmama and Grandpa while they went to the Biltmore for the day - I guess I'm not QUITE big enough?! 

I'll have another update soon because mommy is slack and I'll be 7 months old before too long... 

Monday Morning Mug: Baltimore

Kimmy LaMee

Or "Charm City" as it's often referred too.

I love this city for many reasons: my favorite people live there! This morning as I spent time praying for this great city, I spent most of my time praying for those favorite people including my sweet nieces who are the BEST thing ever, my sister and brother, and one of my favorite people, Malia. I prayed also for my fun college roommates Jen & Ally who I made my very first trip to  Baltimore with - long before I knew Malia and long before my sister lived there.

I prayed for that great city too. Baltimore has gotten quite a bad rap lately but it's a beautiful city filled with great people. I prayed that healing would continue. I prayed for racial unity to continue. I prayed for the many who serve that city, including my brother who is a Maryland State Trooper. I prayed for the church plants that are growing in that great city thanks to the work of the North American Mission Board and their Send Cities Initiative  in Baltimore.  Which by the way, did you know that there is only ONE church for every 11,000 Baltimore residents.... wowzers.... 

Will you pray for Baltimore the Charm City today too? 

Monday Morning Mug: New Orleans

Kimmy LaMee

Oh NOLA... I love this city... a home to me for several years... a place where I grew in more ways than I could ever express or share on this blog.  A place and people that challenged me to my core. This morning as I gulped down my coffee from this mug and rushed out the door to get the girls dropped off at school and to my office on time (only to still be 5 minutes late... ugh!) I had to laugh because that's exactly how life felt while living there. It's also timely as I drank from this mug because last week we celebrated Mardi Gras and began the season of Lent. I'm always homesick during this time of year for my friends and life there and while I wouldn't change a single thing about life now - gosh, I miss NOLA. I spent some time this morning thanking the Lord for allowing me to fall in love with such a place, for introducing people and ministries in to my life that are a central part of who I am today and for walking through some of my life's hardest battles there. I prayed for that great city to be captivated by Jesus. I prayed for friends who still live there and battle daily there. I prayed for sweet churches like FBC LaPlace and Vintage and Mosaic. And I thanked God that He wove deep into my heart a love for that city that will always be... 

Will you pray today for New Orleans? Pray for the churches that i mentioned. Pray for MissionLab, a ministry that I was blessed to be a part of during my time there as they launch Spring Break week today. Pray for NOBTS, a school of providence and prayer. Pray that God would redeem and rescue this great city! 

Who Dat!