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Ivey is TWO!


I'm not so sure how it happened... time just keeps marching on. Our little fun gal turned TWO! We had a fun little simple party at home with just our family and celebrated the gift that God has given us.

She has brought us much joy these two years. She talks and sings NON-STOP. I'm not quite sure where she got that from.  She loves her school, friends, and teachers at First Baptist. She loves reading books and watching Minnie Mouse, thanks to Nana. She loves to take a ride in daddy's car (mommy's car is too big, daddy's car is just right). She loves to eat. She's just a fun silly gal and we thank the Lord for her life! 

Our prayer is that she will continue to grow "big and strong", seeking to know the Lord and make Him known! 


Catching Up...


I can't even begin to come up with a worthy excuse for why it's been so long since we last posted... we've been a wee bit busy around here.

We've settled into our new home. We've had several trips including a trip to Boston, San Francisco, and Baltimore. We celebrated Ivey's 2nd birthday. We've been busy, busy, busy! But life has been good! 

We have lots of fun things coming soon so you'll just have to stay tuned to find out all about it! 

Lessons from Ivey on Modeling


Ivey has been teaching me lots of lessons lately about "modeling". I'm not talking about the pretty girls or handsome guys you see in magazines. I'm referring to the modeling that we do as her mommy and daddy. She has become quite the imitator and picks up on every little thing that we do. 

For example, since the beginning with Ivey, as I would drive with her each morning to church and preschool, I always take time to sing a few songs and then I pray for our day and things going on around the world. (Aren't you glad you don't have to ride with us and hear me sing! ha) I have treasured those times so very much over this past year and a half (saying that makes me want to go cry - time slow down!)  I didn't really think that it was that important though honestly. I often thought to myself, "this is more for me - this is my worship and prayer time..." But her little ears have been listening oh so closely to me during this time. 

Fast forward to this past week and each morning as we have left to head to church, I have heard a sweet little voice from the backseat, softly say, "pray". At first, I didn't really understand what she was saying, but then she kept insisting and getting louder and louder, "pray, PRay, PRAY!" until I finally realized she was reminding me to pray. 

We began to pray together for our day, I prayed that He would be most glorified in us and that HE would draw her heart to Him one day. I've also prayed that we, as her parents, would remember that we have little eyes and little ears watching everything that we do and that we would always be seeking Christ in order to model Christ to Ivey. I prayed that we would be intentional with every moment, whether its just a car ride to church or playing in her room. 

So what little eyes (or big eyes) are watching you? What are you modeling? 

when life gets busy...


Life has been quite busy for us over the last few months! Ivey turned one in February and we have NOT slowed down! She keeps us on our toes but we LOVE it - most days! ha  We enjoyed a vacay with Dan's family in May and then returned to put our house on the market, thinking it would be 3-6 months before anything happened.... 

Wrong.... We sold our house in 2 days! WHAT?!?  

It was crazy and totally unexpected - yet, oh so perfect! We have found the best little house closer to Dan's job and we are settling in quite nicely. Now the fun begins of making this our home! We've been looking at paint and deciding on where the furniture goes and all of that fun stuff! Ivey and Nola have adjusted well. It took Nola a bit longer than Ivey. After a week of whining she finally mastered going up and down steps! 

We're hoping things will begin to slow down some in August but we shall see...  the screened in porch is calling my name and I hope to sit out there lots in the days ahead! 

the BIG ONE!

Kimmy LaMee

I'm a YEAR OLD! A WHOLE 12 months! Mommy and daddy can't believe how fast this year has gone by. They were reminiscing the other night and reminding me of different things from this past year. Mommy gets a bit weepy - I just laugh at her! haha

I'm walking all over the place, and talking up a storm but no one seems to understand ME! It makes me SOOOOO MAD, I just want to scream - and I sometimes DO! They know when I'm ready to leave and go bye-bye though cause I say it lots! I also love to hold my baby and say "BABY" over and over again. 

Mommy took away my bottle and I haven't really missed it. She's been giving me some really yummy food lately too but I really like my strawberries the best! 

thanks for following along with me this year. I'm not sure if mommy will keep making me sit in that yellow chair and hold that ridiculous sign again or not?!? I sure hope NOT!