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11 Months - Oh My Goodness!

Kimmy LaMee

I'm already 11 months old and this month I have been busy!! I started walking on a Sunday night at grandma and grandpa's house and I have not slowed down! Mommy had a meeting in Texas and left the next day and daddy took great care of me for a few days while she was away but boy was I excited when I picked mommy up at the airport! I have also had a double ear infection again - BOO! But mommy and daddy and Dr. Jack have been taking great care of me!! I've also learned how to say "baby" and "daddy" and "bye-bye" - now if I could just get the "mmmmm" sound down and say "mommy" that would make her really happy! I've been eating all kinds of new and fun stuff - mostly, what mommy has been cooking for dinner. She sometimes forgets that I don't like all that spicy stuff but I quickly tell her!!  My big birthday is coming up and I can't wait to celebrate with my family and friends and finally have a taste of cake!! 

10 Months... Really?!?

Kimmy LaMee

I'm 10 months and I LOVED CHRISTMAS!!! I loved the gifts, I loved my family all being here, I loved the lights and the tree,  I loved getting to be off my schedule, and I loved that PAPER I got to tear and then eat! I'm getting quite a voice and I love to use it to let everyone know when I'm loving life and when I'm not! I laugh A LOT and I scream A LOT! I have one level - LOUD! But mommy and daddy would have it no other way - or so they say?!? I'm taking a few steps here and there but why walk when I can just get on my knees and GO! Nola and I are having so much fun playing together and chasing each other down the hallway. Also, when no one is looking I slide her my food - its our little secret! i'm enjoying eating my books instead of reading them - they are so very tasty and my favorite toy would be my Little People Nativity. I love chewing on baby Jesus' head and the camel too- they are quite tasty but that thing disappeared a few days ago, and so did the tree, and my family.... I think I'll go scream now! 

9 Months... Time, Slow DOWN!

Kimmy LaMee

I'm 9 months old and it's getting harder and harder for daddy to snap these pics.  I went and saw Dr. Jack this week and I was a big 18.3 pounds and 24 inches long! I'm eating lots and lots - mostly what mom fixes me but I also have these new things called "straws". I can eat these all by myself. Daddy and mommy keep putting stuff on my tray to eat too, but it's weird so I'm sticking with my own food. I don't like PEAS and I've told mommy and daddy that, but they aren't listening to me!!  I love crawling and walking behind my car that Ms. Beth gave me. And my new favorite toy is this really cool thing sitting on the coffee table that has people and animals and it lights up and sings.  (Thanks Grace for this amazing toy!) Mommy keeps arranging it with this little baby in the middle and making it all neat but i jut keep knocking it over. I like this game! I love when mommy and daddy sing to me at night and read to me. I try to sing with them but I don't know all the words yet?!? I get to celebrate Thanksgiving (whatever that is!) this week and maybe I'll get to eat some turkey and dressing... I think I'll like that! 

i hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Mommy and Daddy sure are thankful for each of you reading this! 


8 Months, Oh MY!

Kimmy LaMee

I am having so much fun growing into a big girl! I love to laugh - loudly! I am ALL over the place and mommy hardly has time to stop chasing me. I'll be walking soon if I can figure out how to let go!!  I had my first hair cut this month and did great except when that lady tried to put a bow in my hair. I celebrated Halloween with daddy and mommy and lots of our friends at Holston Creek Baptist as well as at Boo in the Zoo and with our life group friends. Mommy kept dressing me in that silly calf costume.... I don't know why! I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving next month. Maybe, just maybe mommy and daddy will give me some yummy turkey and dressing!! 

7 Months and time is flying by...

Kimmy LaMee

I'm 7 months old and time is flying by! I'm crawling all over the place and there is NO stopping me now! I love just being happy and I laugh alot, like the good belly laugh kinda laugh! I do have lots to laugh at - my silly daddy and funny mommy and our crazy dog Nola! I've got 8 teeth now with 6 of them coming in all at one time. I don't do anything "normal" or by the book! I'm loving all the yummy food that mommy has been making me including my peaches from PopPop and avocados. I had a yucky cold this month but I bounced back quick and got lots of loving from everyone. I also got to meet my cousin Pierce and he's pretty fun! I can't wait until he's big enough to play with me!! I also had fun on our road trip to KY and loved seeing everyone and going swimming and to the farm in Indiana. Before you know it, I'm going to be walking and running around this place! Look out!!