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Monday Morning Mug: Kentucky

Kimmy LaMee

Kentucky holds a special place in our hearts for many reasons but mostly family! Our favorite little nephew and new baby niece live there, our sister and brother live there (with the nephew and niece - haha) and our favorite uncle and aunt Fun live there too. We make a trip to Louisville and Lexington several times through out the year to visit. Kentucky is just one of those places for us that captures our hearts and just fills like home. 

This morning I prayed for our family! I thanked God for them and prayed that God would draw them to Him today. And I prayed that our sweet little niece wouldn't grow any bigger before we get up there to visit again... 

And I thanked God for our home away from home, Kentucky.... 


7 months, a couple weeks ago... again....

Kimmy LaMee

So, here I am again - two weeks late with an update.... I told mommy and daddy to get it together! I am 7 months old now and I am full of myself! I've got a mouth full of teeth, I'm eating all kinds of yummy food including peas, broccoli, avocado, banana, strawberries, sweet potatoes and more, but I do NOT like blueberries! Mommy keeps offering and I just keep spitting them back at her... 

I'm rolling all over the place, sitting up, but I just can't figure out how to move forward. Ivey keeps taking my toys from me and one of these days, real soon, I'm going to be able to crawl and get them back! I love NOLA and we spend lots of time giving kisses back and forth. And I put EVERYTHING in my mouth, including that silly chalkboard - so mommy and daddy took it away for now... oh month! 

Monday Morning Mug: Jordan

Kimmy LaMee

Dan and i had the opportunity to head to Jordan last year to work with refugees. It was amazing and heartbreaking to see what their life is like - many just struggling to survive and make a new home for themselves, while desperately wanting to return to their home and former way of life. This morning Dan and I spent time rejoicing over all that God showed us in that great land, we prayed for the thousands of refugees that today will struggle just to survive, and we prayed that many will have an opportunity to hear about the saving power of Jesus, who went to the cross for us, this week during Easter Holy Week. I also pray that many more believers will stand up and speak out for those who are refugees today.  I know we have all seen the terrible pictures coming out of Syria this week. Will you stop and pray for them today instead of scrolling on by that video or picture? God is doing a GREAT work in the midst of heart wrenching circumstances and we get to be a part of it through our prayers and our actions. 

There are several ways you can make a difference: 

Pray for our team heading to Europe this summer. You can also give and support the team going at . Please designate it as a mission trip and put Refugee Trip in the Memo Line. 

Support the work of the Baptist Global Response Teams working in the Middle East at

I recently came across a great way to donate that unused baby carrier or that pack of diapers that wasn't used at . I'm still learning about this great non-profit but look forward to seeing the work that they are doing in Greece and other countries where refugees are settling. 

Monday Morning Mug: Barcelona

Kimmy LaMee


This special Mug was given to me by one of my most favorite people and reminds me of a really great city where I spent spring break while living overseas. Barcelona was a fun city and I had a blast with my teammates exploring and taking in as much as I could of this great place.  We ate lots of bacon and drank lots of Starbucks.  This morning I thanked God for fun teammates who made living overseas a constant adventure. I also prayed for my sweet friend Katelin - who loves and serves my family so well, and brought me this fun Mug which replaced my Starbucks city Mug that I can't seem to find (wahhhhh). I also prayed for friends who are living and serving here and that many in this city would come to Christ. 

If only I could be on spring break again there... 

Monday Morning Mug: Virginia

Kimmy LaMee

We've been to Virginia and through Virginia numerous times. I actually lived there for about eight weeks as I trained to get ready to move overseas. It's such a beautiful place. Dan recently picked up this mug as he was with a team from our church serving and building a playground for the International Mission Board (IMB) at their training campus. It's one of my most favorite places ever! It's so peaceful and quiet out there and I could sit forever and just soak in all the beauty that is that place. This morning as I drank from my new Virginia mug, I thanked the Lord for the GREAT work that our team accomplished in just a week. I also thanked Him for the time I spent there almost 9 years ago now... that's so crazy to think about! I prayed for the work that the IMB accomplishes there in Virginia and around the world. I prayed for my friends who serve with this great agency. I prayed for the many who have yet to hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I prayed for those training to go - that they would be equipped for every good work, bold in their going, and confident in their calling.

I also praised the Lord that i survived a few days as a "single mom" while Dan was serving and that he was HOME for this Monday Morning! I have a super big love for all the single moms out there who take care of so many details, work, and raise the children... whew, I was tired after day one...