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Oh yeah, she’s One!!

Kimmy LaMee

So yeah, Nora is ONE... actually almost fourteen months but such is the life of the second child.... this year has flown by and it’s like she’s always been here - bringing unspeakable joy and laughter and making our family complete. Happy 1st birthday sweet girl! You are loved!  


I’m a big girl now and lots of my family and friends came and celebrated me!! We had yummy cake and peach pie! My mommy says I’m “sweet as a peach”. I can just grin real big and she falls for it every time! My belly laugh is the best!! I love walking all over the place and I’ve moved up to the big girl class at school too! There is no stopping me now!! 

Monday Morning: Maryland

Kimmy LaMee

This Mug is extra special and super personal because it reminds me of some of my favorite people - my sister, my nieces, and my brother in law too! I sure do miss them right now - not sure why... but sometimes it’s not fun having 10 hours between you! I think they are also on my mind because Ivey is heading up that way next week to spend some time with them and celebrate Makenzies upcoming birthday. I’m praying that they will have a blast together. I’m praying for my nieces - that they will love Jesus more than anything else in this world. I’m praying for my sister and her hubby as they lead their family and love and serve each other. 

Gosh, I wish I could go next week too... but this is Ivey’s big girl trip without mommy and daddy... sniff sniff  


Monday Morning Mug: Florida

Kimmy LaMee


Listening to the wind gusts and the rain come down outside today and watching social media updates, I've had Florida on my heart - a lot.  

I never quite know how to pray when it comes to hurricanes.... I laugh when I hear people say "let's just pray it moves another direction...." because usually that just means the devastation is on top of someone else... so today I'm simply praying that while God may not spare the wrath of Hurricane Irma, I pray that he would find us faithful!   

Faithful to love and serve our neighbors, faithful to give of our financial resources, faithful to be there - in whatever way He asks us too....  

I'm also praying for sweet friends who have walked this journey before... may they see God's faithfulness to them as the wind and rain begin to taper off and the hard work ahead begins. 

If God lays on your heart to give to those struggling through Hurricane Harvey and Irma, a great organization to give to is the SBC Disaster Relief. You can give online to them through our church, First Baptist Spartanburg .  (  You can also GO and serve too! Let me know if you can give of some time to help those in Florida and Texas. We have a team leaving Wednesday! 

Monday Morning Mug: Myanmar

Kimmy LaMee


Yesterday when I arrived back at my office for a brief minute, there was this sweet surprise from dear friends sitting on my desk! So I had to have my Monday Morning coffee in this Mug and praise the Lord for this great gift and some of my favorite people who live there. This mug represents a land that honestly I'm not all that familiar with, but one thing I do know - many of those living there are far from Jesus and my dear friends are spending their lives, raising their children, making it home, so that the people living in darkness there can hear of the way, the truth, and the light. I asked the Lord to use them in big ways this week! They have been working hard learning language so I asked Him to give them great conversations. I asked for new deep friendships. I asked that their table would be filled with sweet guests and friends who were anxious to hear the truth. I prayed for this land that it would one day be filled with people who follow and love Jesus. And I simply praised the Lord for their friendship, across the miles and the years... 

9, 10, and 11... gesh...

Kimmy LaMee


This summer was so much fun that mommy and daddy were too busy to post about all that I have been up to lately . Lots has happened in the past three months. I'm crawling and standing all on my on. I don't really want to walk yet though - once I do that, mommy says I'll be a big girl, and I don't want to be a big girl, yet! She might have even sat down me down a few times when I've tried to stand up. Gosh mom, I can't stay little forever! 

I'm eating all kinds of yummy real food. I love any kind of fruit, especially peaches that pop pop brings to me. I don't like icecream and I try to tell everyone that but they just laugh and give me more?! I'm saying mama and dada and lots of other words, really loudly, but no one seems to understand me. I'm using my sign language for milk and "all done".

I've taken my big sister swimming lots.  I love to swim, especially in my own little red and blue covered floating throne. All of my cousins have come to visit and of course we had a blast. I went with the big cousins to see these really pretty flying things that landed on me and mommy. Mommy called those things "butterflies". I sure wish that they all lived closer, especially baby Eliza - she seems to get me the most. We both just sit around and everyone plays with us and holds us. And I've had lots of fun family time with my mommy, daddy, and fun big sister. But summer is almost over whatever that means... and I'm turning ONE soon!