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In His Time...

Kimmy LaMee


As a little child, I remember singing the song,  

In His Time, 

In His Time,  

  He makes all things beautiful in His Time

Lord, please show me every day  

As you’re teaching me your ways 

That you do just what you say

In your time. 

I love the beginning of a new season, especially Spring. It’s in this “newness”, when the blossoms are bursting forth that I can’t forget how beautifully faithful and on time my God is...

what seemed dead or dormant,

what seemed quiet and still,

what seemed hopeless and dark,

is opening to NEW life again - at just the right time...

As we have begun a “new season” in our life and home, we are seeing how God is taking all things and making them beautiful, reminding us that He will do exactly as He says -  even in the midst of the hard and the yucky like toddler tantrums, balancing budgets, broken crowns...

All of it Beautiful, in His Time... 

maybe not beautiful or fun or easy in the moment, my moment, but in His Time... 


 “He has made everything beautiful in His Time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11



Celebrating FOUR!

Kimmy LaMee


How can it be that our “little bit“ is now FOUR? She is one little gal that loves Dancing, singing, and dressing up. And if it’s pink or blue, that’s even better! In fact, I think every picture we have of her over this last year includes her wearing some piece of a costume. (Hence the blue crown that she has worn almost every day at some point in her birthday pics.) 

Ivey is quite the strong willed little gal  although I’m not real sure where that came from... haha

She loves her little sister fiercely and our prayer is that will always be the case. She loves to teach Nora new things and always wants her to play with her. 

She loves to create and make things and play pretend. Lately we’ve been playing lots of “Castle” and she is Princess Ivey and I’m Queen Mommy. 

She is a joy and we are so thankful for her and the little gal that Jesus is shaping her to be! Now If we can just channel that strong will and determination in the right ways - we all better watch out, this girl will change the world while wearing her tutu and crown, of course!  

Monday Morning Mug: Middle East

Kimmy LaMee

One evening last week, the door bell rang right around dinner time. Of course the dog went nuts and the girls were convinced someone was coming to play with them and Dan asked “what did you buy this time?” Haha  

I opened the door to find a fun package from a dear friend’s mom - a Mug she sent to me from where she currently lives and works... Now there is not really a Starbucks there - which makes this Mug all the more funny, unique and super special.

So this morning - and most mornings since I opened this sweet little treasure, I have been sipping my coffee from this mug and lifting this dear sister up to the Father. She is doing great work in this land and He is using her in mighty ways! I wish I could share more, but I can’t, so I won’t. I would just ask you to pray for the work that the Father is doing in this beautiful land among her beautiful people who need to hear the truth that Jesus loves them.  


Oh yeah, she’s One!!

Kimmy LaMee

So yeah, Nora is ONE... actually almost fourteen months but such is the life of the second child.... this year has flown by and it’s like she’s always been here - bringing unspeakable joy and laughter and making our family complete. Happy 1st birthday sweet girl! You are loved!  


I’m a big girl now and lots of my family and friends came and celebrated me!! We had yummy cake and peach pie! My mommy says I’m “sweet as a peach”. I can just grin real big and she falls for it every time! My belly laugh is the best!! I love walking all over the place and I’ve moved up to the big girl class at school too! There is no stopping me now!! 

Monday Morning: Maryland

Kimmy LaMee

This Mug is extra special and super personal because it reminds me of some of my favorite people - my sister, my nieces, and my brother in law too! I sure do miss them right now - not sure why... but sometimes it’s not fun having 10 hours between you! I think they are also on my mind because Ivey is heading up that way next week to spend some time with them and celebrate Makenzies upcoming birthday. I’m praying that they will have a blast together. I’m praying for my nieces - that they will love Jesus more than anything else in this world. I’m praying for my sister and her hubby as they lead their family and love and serve each other. 

Gosh, I wish I could go next week too... but this is Ivey’s big girl trip without mommy and daddy... sniff sniff