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My first wedding "party"...


Before I left North Africa, my sweet friends threw me a “going away” party but this was NO ordinary party! This party was AWESOME!!! It was my first WEDDING PARTY! The funny thing about this party is that I wasn’t even engaged yet!!! They were so sweet and thoughtful and had it all planned out. It was even more special because the sweet ladies that planned it all and were there, are sweet friends that I would love to have with me on my real wedding day but because of distance, it just isn’t possible. North Africa is a LONG way away! We spent the evening looking through wedding magazines shipped all the way from America. I had my own wedding veil to wear throughout the night. There were even beautiful fresh flowers and a two tier super YUMMY wedding cake complete with a fun cake toper straight from N.Africa! When I was finally allowed to come out of my room, they had re-decorated my home and it was just absolutely beautiful, calming, and down right FUN! The night was great – we clipped out fun ideas for my upcoming big day, watched fun wedding movies, stayed up super late, and just enjoyed being together. They gave me the best “goodbye” party and sent me off for this next big step in the journey- marrying the most wonderful, amazing man! I’m just glad he asked…

Thank you ladies for making that day so special for me, for sending me off on this next crazy amazing journey, for your love and support from far away!