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Can You Move?


I love chick flicks - like absolutely LOVE them! Even when they are cheesy and totally predictable. And Dan is often times so sweet to watch them with me!

But... "Letters to Juliet" well, that was just a little more than even I could handle! It was a fun movie because Dan and I have been to Italy and we recognized much of the scenery.  However, the plot was TERRIBLE and so predictable! 

Our favorite line of the movie was at the end of the movie, when the guy was climbing up the trellis to the balcony to get his "girl" - he of course falls down and she runs to "rescue" him. She so sweetly says to him as he's lying on the ground in pain,

"Can you move?" 

His response - classic... 

"Only my lips..." 

Seriously?? That's all they got???

I think the next movie we watch together will have to be an action packed movie with lots of people shooting guns and lots of drama. I'm not sure I can take much more of that, nor can Dan!