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A Car Show, Fall, and Being Silly


Dan and I went to the Euro Car Show at BMW today. While I don't know much about cars or car shows - I loved seeing all of the old and new cars, watching him do what he does best (take pictures), and just spending time with him. We soaked in the fall weather with our yummy pumpkin spice coffee in hand and my favorite North African scarf wrapped snugly around my neck. We dreamt about all the fun road trips we could take in the VW Vans and Campers. We imagined one of those old vintage Austin Healey's whisking us away on our wedding day. It was great to just be silly and dreamy.  The last time we had gone to the car show together was right before I was leaving to go to North Africa. That day was bitter sweet - it was fun just being with him, but I knew that our time was limited that day.

Today - it was FREE!

I held his hand knowing that I would always be holding his hand. We ate yummy friend oreo's and funnel cake, shot pictures of the cars, and just strolled together. 




of course we got silly pictures together too...

"my what a big head you have!?"