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Where ARE the Sugar Cubes???


So, I recently "closed" down my personal journey blog and decided to make this my permanent home for all things Dan and I. It was kind of weird honestly. I've been posting to the other blog for so long and it was kind of a "closure" for me in many ways. It was funny though, because this week I've been reminded over and over again about my life in Northern Africa- either through chatting with sweet friends there, getting ready for the North Africa Wedding Tea Party tomorrow, sharing with sweet students about my life there, or just going to buy sugar-  my home there was all I could think about! God was reminding me too that my life isn't "closing" there either!! There are days when I feel like I've been gone forever, then there are days like Wednesday when I stop in the store to buy sugar cubes and realize how much I miss that place and how the way I used to do things is still ever present in my mind and heart. In my old grocery store, most of the time, all you could get was sugar cubes or sugar cones, not the bags of sugar we're so used to here in America. That used to drive me crazy. All I wanted there was the big ol' bag of sugar that I could use to bake with or make SWEET Tea! I needed the sugar cubes though for my tea party on Wednesday evening and I honestly didn't think that it would be a big deal - isn't America the land of everything? Wouldn't America have numerous types of sugar cubes?  Wouldn't there be fat free sugar cubes, low cholesterol sugar cubes and even organic sugar cubes?  I probably stood in the sugar aisle for 10 minutes looking and looking, perplexed by the fact that there wasn't a box of sugar cubes to be found. I even wandered over to the coffee aisle thinking surely the boxes of sugar cubes were waiting for me there. I then went to the second grocery store and did the same thing. At the third grocery store, it dawned on me that sugar cubes was maybe a North Africa thing (?!?) and I accepted the fact that I'm probably not going to be getting sugar cubes and settled for the regular bag of sugar- not without a couple of tears though.  I'm still longing and looking for sugar cubes and actually, if I'm really honest, I'm longing more for the amazing yummy mint tea that the sugar cubes were used in and the sweet friends that sipped that tea with me! So closing my life in North Africa is probably not happening any time soon, even though my blog has "closed" or moved...

Oh - and welcome to our "new" blog by the way, our place where hopefully you can find a little bit of everything Dan & Kimmy and laugh with us as we plan our wedding and as we adjust back to life together, not apart!!!