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her fun new adventure...


Our sister (well, Dan's sister and my soon to be sis-in-law) just left this morning on a new and fun adventure! She's moving out to California and will be getting married next summer. A couple weeks ago we had a going away party for her and sent her off with lots of loving and goodies from South Carolina. Last night, she and Rob and Dan's family came over and we roasted marshmallows and made S'mores and just spent time laughing by the fire pit. It was a sweet time of just being together. I was telling Dan, after they left, that I'm realizing it's always harder being the one that is left behind. You see, I'm usually the one that does the leaving. When I moved to New Orleans- while it was sad the initial day that I left, I was in a FUN new place. When I moved to North Africa, I cried the first hour of the flight - but after that (well, I still cried..).  Leaving is hard, period. But I've noticed more and more that when I'm the one that is left behind, I'm always alot more emotional!! When I lived in NOLA and my family came to visit, I would cry for days after they left. When they came to visit me in North Africa, it took me several days to get back to "normal".  When my teammates in North Africa left to return back to the States, it took me several days to realize that they weren't coming back.  Last night, brought out that kind of sadness again too. While Dan & I are extremely excited for Emily & Rob and the fun adventures that lie ahead for them - it was hard watching her leave, knowing that we won't get to do lunch again or go out with friends, like we've done so many times in the past. It was weird to think that Sunday lunch at the LaMee household will be missing one (well, actually two - Hope!)  But it's also sweet! Now we have a place to vacay in California! We have family reunions to look forward to and fun mail and packages to be sent back and forth!  There is also SKYPE! AND- we get to go to their wedding next summer!!! 

And since I'm being honest here, as she walked out the door, I was kinda jealous of her new fun adventure that lies ahead! Too bad there wasn't room for me in her MAZDA!

Here are a couple cute pics from Emily's party last week - she has lots of SC Palmetto PRIDE!!