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HandMade with Love


I love being crafty - it's not that I'm super great at it, but it's lots of fun and a HUGE stress reliever for me! We (Dan & I) have also really wanted our wedding to be "us", to be different. When we started planning our rather large day, we decided right away that we wanted our invitations to be "hand-made". Dan set out designing the look and well, I got ready to stamp and glue away! It was so much fun and we enjoyed making each invitation and response card. As I stamped away, I thought of each person that we were inviting - people who have loved us and prayed for us, special friends who have supported us and walked alongside of us through this crazy fun adventure. As we addressed our invites- we were both reminded of how loved we are and we look forward to seeing the faces of so many friends and family on our rather large day! While many people encouraged us to "just order the invites - you'll save time and stress...", we're so glad we didn't listen and stuck to our plan and desires.  WE LOVED hand making our invites. We spent time together laughing, talking, sippin coffee and oh- yeah, stamping!  

Our Supplies: 

Card Stock Paper, Matte Paper and Envelopes: Card & Pockets (

Stamp, Ink, Glue: Hobby Lobby