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Count Your Blessings


This past Sunday evening Dan and I visited with my sweet friends and family from Holston Creek for their annual Thanksgiving Dinner. It was such a sweet service and the food was soooo good, and the company was pretty great too! One of the songs that we sang together was one of my favorite hymns from childhood, Count Your Blessings. I love the part at the end where you slow down and sing - Name Them One byyyyyyy ONNNNEEEEEE.... It just makes me smile. 

This Thanksgiving I have ALOT of blessings - actually too many to name and count one by one, but here's my meager attempt. 

1. Dan - what an amazing blessing God gave to me in HIM!!! And I get to marry him in 17 days!!!

2. Our families- we are blessed by their love and support for us, and their wisdom and guidance as we begin our lives together in 17 days!!

3. America- I have a love/hate relationship with my country. While I acknowledge that we waste quite a bit and there are things that are annoying about her, she's HOME, she's FREE, and I'm thankful that I can call her HOME again! 

4. North Africa- while there were lots of things that I hated about the government there - when I think of that place, the faces of my sweet friends KTrain, Ktar, Dana, & Scarf Lady just make me smile...

5. the Church - I'm so thankful that we can worship in freedom, among brothers and sisters from all around the world! She's bigger than we could ever imagine! 

6. Food on my table- Amazing Turkey, Stuffing, Mac&Cheese, Sweet Potatoes - the list just keeps going on! We have plenty this year and for that I'm grateful! And I get to eat all of this food with Dan & his family! That's pretty close to perfect!! 

7. Home- I'm not really sure where HOME is right now, between living with my parents and preparing to get married, life seems a big chaotic. BUT I have a place to lay my head, I have heat this year, and I have my family surrounding me! 

8. English- I understand everything that is going on around me! I can watch the tv and I understand it. I can ride down the road and listen to the radio and I understand it. I can pick up the phone and speak and hear clearly.  I completely understand! Oh, that makes me smile! 

9. Friends- I am one blessed girl!! Many have been super patient with me as I've been adjusting back to life here, nearly 4 months later. I'll get there, promise! 

10. Marriage- I get to enjoy this in 17 days! Can you tell I'm excited!!??!!


Now- for my more practical and FUN list.... 

1. a toilet- I don't have to squat anymore!! 

2. Dr. Pepper and candy - I don't have to ration it any longer! (that might not be a good thing!!)

3. Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, whenever I want it and however I want it: decaf, non-fat, grande or venti! 

4. Rest Areas, I no longer have to carry my own toilet paper and soap and play the "where's the best potty game"! (it's the little things in life, right!?)

5. Interstates and Paved Roads - but sometimes I miss the road out to TIZ where we bounced our brains OUT on their rocky roads! 

6. Cereal - any kind at any time! The cereal aisle at Ingles still makes me SMILE! 

7. Macy's Day Parade and LIVE football- I don't have to download them and watch them later, I can watch it LIVE and at a decent hour! 

8. Psych- gosh I love that TV show and I love hearing Dan laugh hysterically beside me when we watch it together! 

9. Christmas Lights and Decorations - oh how I missed the twinkling white lights, the endless christmas songs, the smell of a live christmas tree, the christmas plays and nativities - be prepared, I will probably cry with every christmas song and at every christmas play! 

10. my piano - she's been a source of great healing, quiet, and peace in the midst of great chaos and stress! 


Count Your Blessings, 

Name them ONE BY ONE...

Count Your many blessings, 

see what God has done! 

Wow- he's done a LOT! Praise HIM!