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It was a Family Affair!


One of the many things that Dan and I loved about our wedding is that much of it was very handmade either by us or by our families. We made our invitations which I posted about earlier and we made our programs. Dan is quite the creative guy, so he laid out what the look was going to be and then I just followed his directions. (I'm learning early!) We designed our programs to look like luggage tags and we used the same green and fleur de lis decor. One of my favorite things that we added to the back of the program was a personalized crossword puzzle. Alot of people asked me "why in the world did you put that in there?" to which I quickly responded, "who doesn't love crossword puzzles!?!" My sister was involved in many ways but one of the things that she did was to create a children's activity book for the kiddos that would be coming. As I child I went to lots of weddings and was always BORED out of my mind - so I thought I would save the kiddos some boredom (and help the parents out!!)  and provide them with something to do! I've heard it was quite the hit with the young and old! Both of our families were super involved in putting together our coffee favors for all our guests. My mom sewed over 100 small burlap bags together while my dad turned them inside out (and watched Braves baseball too!). Dan's parents worked hard on grinding all the coffee, bagging it all up, painting the burlap bags with a small fleur de lis emblem, and tying them together with our handmade thank you tags. We had a "coffee-grinding" party one night and was able to knock it all out pretty quickly! David, his brother, worked hard staining all of our little chalkboards that we used around the food table and coffee bar as decorations. My cousin Brandy put together all the bows that we used on our baskets that held all of these fun goodies.  And I realized through all of the wedding fun - we are so blessed by such a wonderful FAMILY, who loves us and supports us and creates with us and for us! I love that our wedding was handmade and personal and involved the special people in our lives, our family!