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Is it Time Yet???


Lately, I've kinda felt like a little kid on a road trip asking over and over again, "how much further daddy???" Too bad my daddy isn't in the driver seat saying, "5 minutes Kim, 5 minutes..."

I wake up each morning thinking, "ok, we have 8 days... or 7 days... " 

I think I can speak for Dan on this too - the last few weeks have FLOWN by as we prepare to get married in just a week, but at times, it seems like many days just crawl by as we deal with the boring, mundane details of getting ready for our rather large day.  Today we've been getting his house ready for all the festivities - I've mopped the kitchen, cleaned the living room, and Dan is outside bagging the leaves and mowing the grass. We have our Christmas tree put up and the Christmas music is playing in the background. We've pulled out the suitcases. The gifts have been bought for all our friends who are a part of our day. The dress is hanging at my parent's house. We've got the rings, the liscense, and we've passed the "SWise Center for Pre-Marriage Counseling".  We've got the little and big details ready (we think) and now we just wait - wait for a week to go by, for our friends and family to arrive, and to say our vows! 

and in the meantime, I'm sure I'll look at the calendar a million times and think, "good grief, is it Dec. 11th yet?!?!"