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counting the time


One of the things that Dan and I have loved to do together is count down... We have countdowns going on our computer, pictures of the day for each day that we've been apart, his sister even has a paper chain in her bedroom with the number of days that I have left... (it's not that long anymore!) It's been fun watching the days dwindle down and the days I've been here, grow bigger. We just passed the 500 mark, which is crazy to think about! I've been in N.Africa over 500 days. Dan and I have been apart for over 500 days! WOWZERS! One of my new favorite things to help count down the time is reading a chapter of Harry Potter 3. We started the book, which has 22 chapters, with about 25 weeks left in our journey. Now we've read 8 chapters, so you do the math...  By the time we finish the book, I'll almost be home! I love counting!!