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His Pizza looks so much better!!!


I love when Dan and I have "cooking" dates. Both of us LOVE to cook! We're also five hours apart, so he cooks for lunch and I cook for an early dinner and it's perfect!! We'll not perfect, but it works! Just last week, we both cooked pizzas. Now, I'm pretty limited on what I can do here - I was just given real pepperonis and I was saving them for this special occasion!!! Dan, on the other hand is super creative and loves to experiment with all kinds of different sausages and meats and spices. This time-  he totally outdid me!! He made this amazing Chicago style deep dish pizza. My little pepperoni pizza kinda paled in comparison. As I watched him eat it, I was sooooo jealous! The cheese was super thick and stringy.. Aww man, as I'm thinking about it, it's making my mouth water!! Our cheese here is good, but you just can't compare - it's like apples and oranges.

So, while he ate his yummy amazing looking pizza, I was happy and content with mine but It just means that he's gonna have to make another one when I get home!!!