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things coming to an end...


it's weird... along the way, Dan and I have had markers to pass the time apart - like reading Harry Potter (read a previous blog post for more on that!) and watching Lost together. I never really watched Lost when I was in the states, but Dan was a HUGE fan. I decided when I moved over here that I would attempt to be a "better' girlfriend and like some of the things that he liked. Yes, I am that girlfriend!  I gave a shot at LOST and got hooked!! Within the first year over here, I had watched pretty much all of Seasons 1-4!! I got caught up just in time for Season 6 to come out and each week, Dan and I watch the show together through the computer. Well, it's nearly to an end. That brings up all kinds of thoughts and feelings - sadness that I won't get to see Jack anymore of course is my first thought! But it also reminds me that our time apart is coming to an end too... We have about 70 days left now and only one season finale to go...I think I might cry!