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We're Vitalized! (whatever that means...)


So Dan & I just started our premarriage counseling. We are both excited about preparing for our marriage. Both of us belive that we should put way more work into our marriage and not just our ceremony or the Big Day.  For our counseling sessions with the Rev. Steve Wise, we have to complete an online inventory through Prepare/Enrich counseling material. Honestly, I was a NERVOUS WRECK! I'm not really sure why though. Dan & I are perfect for each other!! It may be that Steve is doing the counseling, hello- he's like my dad.. WEIRD!!

 So, after we submitted our inventories seperately, we met with Steve together and let me just say that "we rock at getting married!" I'm only kidding!! We did rank in the highest section though, which is really funny! We were called the "Vitalized" couple. What in the world does that mean??? It's not like I was expecting bad scores but I was expecting there to be some issues that showed up... I mean hello, we've been apart for TWO YEARS!! It was fun to get "good" results back and it was such a sweet reward for us both. We both know that our time apart, while hard, only stengthened our future marriage and the ability to communicate with one another and what it means to be husband and wife.  It reminded me that all those late night conversations, when I really needed to get in the bed was way worth it! It reminded me that spending time to be creative in our conversations and in our dating was way worth it!  

We know the areas that are our weak points and both of us are committed to making those weak points stronger. We both love the Lord and desire to serve Him. We are excited and committed and vitalized...

BUT We both can't wait for the premarriage counseing to be over and the wedding day to be here!!!