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just a rather LARGE day...


Planning a wedding is not easy! There are details like favors, addresses for invitations, what printer to use for our invitations, what time to do the ceremony, picking music for the ceremony, and what time the bridal party has to arrive... those are just a few to start with! My little orange wedding book has a billion more details just in case I forget any. It can be stressful at times and overwhelming. My mom keeps asking me if I've done "this or that", and I often just give her the blank stare like "I didn't know I was supposed to do that... " As overwhelming as it can become, I'm constantly having to remind myself that the ceremony and the day is just that... a day. While, it's a rather LARGE day in our life, it's all about keeping perspective. Before we were engaged, Dan & I wrote out some of our wedding day goals. We both want to go into this day with our focus not on the details, nor on the guests and who is coming or not, and actually not even on us - we desire for this day, this rather large day in our life to be about the Lord and our love for Him, to begin our marriage focusing on Jesus Christ and how he brought us together through two long years of distance dating and HIS faithfulness in our lives! Writing out goals has also helped us to keep the perspective when the little details keep calling our names. It's helped us make tough decisions, spend our money wisely, and it helps me (Kimmy) with my checklists!


Here are just a few of our goals:

1. to honor the Lord in every part of our day!

2. to spend time with every person that comes to our wedding!

3. to honor the Lord in the use of our finances, for this ONE day of our life! (i.e. not go over our allotted wedding budget!)

4. for this day to be a reflection of who we are! (that's why we're busting out the boardgames at the reception! Bring on your game face!!)