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Simple, Yet Elegant


Choosing a wedding venue for our rather large day was probably the hardest decision that I have had to make in this whole process! We had so many different options:  my parents church which happens to be my "home" church and very special to me, my church where I attend now and where I served a few years back,  Dan's church now where he is extremely involved, and Dan's parent's church and the place where he grew up as well. That's FOUR different churches, alone! Then we had to decide what we wanted our reception to be like and what venue best fit our needs for our reception. There also just didn't seem to be a WHOLE lot of options that fit the look and feel that we both really want, which was really important for us in making our decision. And on top of that, we just didn't have a whole LOT of time to make a decision!! After really trying to figure out where we should get married - we decided to go with Walker Hall, a beautiful auditorium and reception hall on the campus of the South Carolina School for the Deaf & Blind. I felt the most comfortable there and it just kinda "fits" who we are. The Hall is absolutely beautiful and affordable!

 It's simple, yet elegant.