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How it ALL went down...


So many of you have been waiting to hear the story of our engagement. Sorry I've been slack and haven't posted it yet, but it's been crazy busy. Adjusting back to America and getting engaged in the same week and planning a wedding - well, that's a WHOLE other blog post... On with the story! 

Before I left originally in 2008, Dan and I celebrated one of our last meals at Soby's in Greenville. It's one of our favorite places. So fast forward two years and to my birthday and he took me there again! He had already warned me that my birthday present would NOT be my ring, so when we went out for dinner that night to celebrate my birthday, I ASSUMED that I wouldn't be getting my ring that evening. We enjoyed dinner and then stopped on the way home for ice-cream. I was excited about COLD STONE! We took our time and then came on back to his house in Spartanburg. When we got back, he asked me right away if I wanted my birthday present.... Silly QUESTION! Of course, I got all giddy and was like "YEAH!!"  I closed my eyes and then opened them to realize a guitar sitting in front of me. Growing up, I always wanted a guitar. Every year I would put it on my wish list, but my parents would never get me a guitar because they said I needed to learn how to play one first. Well, my argument was that i couldn't learn to play without one... It was a never ending circle. When Dan gave me the guitar he said something along the lines of, "I want to be able to give you the things that you want... " But I was still kinda oblivious... He then asked me if I needed picks. Good things I answered "sure..."  He pulled a little red bag out of his pocket that had a big ol' rock along with a few pics. After I stopped being a silly screaming girl, he then proceeded to ask me if I would marry Him... and of course my answer was


so, that's how it all went down... and now I'm learning to play the guitar and wearing the most beautiful diamond, that he picked out just for me! He's pretty amazing like that!!