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He's Got This!


I met with a friend for coffee yesterday-  who just in sharing her own story of where she is in life, really encouraged me in my own place of life right now. Honestly, it's a weird place. It's a different place. It's a good place. Dan and I are learning alot about ourselves right now and each other. As I moved back to the states - I had my plan, I was going to settle back into American life, plan a wedding, get married, and begin the next phase of ministry together with Dan.  All of the first part has happened. I've settled back into American life (the good and the bad...). I've planned the wedding and we've gotten married. But the next thing hasn't happened - and honestly, that has thrown me for a loop. I long so much to know what that next place is but for now He has me waiting. My friend, who I met with yesterday, reminded me of a sweet song that talks just about that and today, as I've driven around town and now as I sit and blog about life and other things, that song is playing in the background and encouraging my heart. Waiting isn't bad. Our culture wants us to think that we should be "busy" about life. That we must be "failures" if we aren't "doing".  What a LIE! It's simply not true. In this waiting time of our lives, I'm learning lots - sometimes more than I want to be. I'm learning to rest in an almighty God that has my future in HIS hands.   I'm learning to trust Him even when His answers are NO and WAIT - the two words I don't like... I'm being reminded that He's GOT THIS and for today that's all I need to know...


Lord, You have a much better purpose,

and You have a far greater plan,

and You have a bigger perspective,

because You hold this world in your hands! 


*Song by Johnny Diaz, "Waiting Room" - Listen to the complete song! It's GREAT!!