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Painting and Pondering


One of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend was when my girls and I painted pottery together at the Bridesmaid Luncheon. It was such a sweet time together to chat, laugh, paint, and talk alot about the fact that I was getting married!!! I loved seeing each of the girls hard at work, concentrating on their creations, and sharing fun memories of our time together. It was so fun to watch each girl uniquely paint, according to their personality! Ashley took it serious and busted out the "painting wheel" for the perfect design. Susan and Eunice, sisters,  actually painted the exact same design on their mugs, without even knowing it. Malia and I, of course, had to add our fleur de lis, a New Orleans, touch. Each mug reminds me of each girl and I hope that over the years they will drink cups of coffee and remember our friendship and time together - not just during our fun wedding weekend, but throughout our lives.  I am so thankful for the ladies in my life and for their friendship - for their willingness to stand up for us on our wedding day and their commitment to pray with and for us as we begin our new marriage and new life together.  I am one blessed girl with amazing family and friends!