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Getting Ready for a {NEW} year!


I've been posting lately about the wedding and all the fun things that happened this weekend, and it's been FUN, but Dan and I were talking right after Christmas about how ready we were to just begin life together - the normal life, the day to day "normal" things. Honestly, that's been kind of hard in some ways because I'm still waiting and trusting God for a job position here and my days are very far from normal. It's been great though, as I unpack boxes and find homes for all of our new gifts and settle into our new house together and learn the "new" things about our home and Dan, my new husband! It's also been a good time to catch up with friends and spend some time in the Word - preparing for a new year! Dan and I have been chatting a lot lately about what we want to accomplish in 2011 and I love setting "goals" for each year. As I've set goals, I've also looked back at 2010 and the goals that I set for last year. It was a FUN year - many goals I achieved like closing out my time in North Africa and my life there, settling back into life, and other fun goals. Some I didn't achieve. It was a good year though. Dan and I have decided that 2011 is going to have a hard time topping 2010! But we're going to try!!! 

Here are some of my favorite goals for 2011: 

1. Read the word daily with Dan

2. Play PS3 with Dan once a week

3. Try a NEW recipe each week (I failed miserably at this last year!!) 

4. Practice piano and guitar at least twice a week

5. Learn how to sew

6. Try a new coffee drink from our fun coffee book with Dan each week

7. Call or write a different friend each week (I'm trying to stay in touch!!) 

8. Complete my blog book from my time in N.Africa and finish our photo journey books

There are many other goals that Dan and I have set (okay, really me...) and we look forward to seeing what 2011 will bring! What about you? Have you set any fun goals for yourself in 2011? 

Happy New Year!! {only a few days late!}