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experiencing the world...


This past weekend the world came to Spartanburg and I loved it - like really loved it! Each year, Spartanburg hosts the International Festival in Barnett Park with lots of countries represented, music, dancing, games, a trade zone, avenue of nations, a parade of nations, and of course all kinds of yummy food! There was food from France, Phillipines, Denmark,Tanzania, Greece, Italy, Hungary, El Savador, and tons MORE! It was a WHOLE street of nothing but yummy food. There was also American - sadly! We all had a difficult time picking out what we wanted to eat! I did know that I wouldn't be choosing American. Eating a hot dog or a fried oreo just wasn't appealing when the world was at my fingertips!  I think I walked up and down the street a couple times before I finally decided on the chicken curry with rice and naan from Tanzania - which to me was more Indian? I did learn though that there was quite a population of Indians in Tanzania, influencing their food and culture - who would have known!?!

The Parade of nations was also neat - to see people proudly carrying their home country's flag around the Park with the bagpipes playing in the background was really cool. I may or may not have had a tear in my eye... Just being around the many nationalities made me home-sick for N.Africa and thankful for the time that I had to experience a culture so very beautiful and different than my own. It also made me thankful that there are so many nationalities right here in Spartanburg. There is so much to learn from the many people and cultures, right here at our back door.  We truly can experience the world, right here...if we take time to listen and welcome them...

If you missed the International Festival - well you missed OUT! You should definetly go next year though. it's a FREE event - why wouldn't you want to go?!?