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Fill in the Blank Friday Fun...




1. My favorite thing about this week was/is that I am enjoying two much needed days off. I love it when the boss comes in and says, "office is closed Thursday & Friday"... LOVE IT! 

2.  Colder weather makes me want to pull the sheets over my head and not get out of the bed in the morning, I could cuddle with Dan forever on cold mornings.

3.  Three things that make me terribly happy as of late are peppermint mochas, the reminder that Thanksgiving & Christmas are coming, and our upcoming trip to New York to celebrate our one year anniversary.

4. If I could only wear one kind of shoe for the rest of my life, I'd choose flip-flops - I love them, even when it's cold and my toes start freezing and turning purple, I still want my flip-flops! 

5. My Personality type is ESFJ, if I'm remembering correctly?!? I forget... which isn't like me, but it has been at least three years since I've taken the test - and it's probably changed some anyway...

6.  I have a serious problem resisting buying books - I love to buy and read books! I love knowing that my bookshelf is always full, which is not good when you don't have room in your house for another book shelf...  

7.  My favorite color to wear is either mustard yellow or purple right now, but come tomorrow, I may fall in love with another color...

*Blogs like The Little things We Do also make me terribly happy!