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from far away...


Long Distance relationships are HARD and take TIME (coming from us who spent two years apart!)

But it's just part of our lives - we both have sisters that live far away - from Maryland to California to Kentucky - and it's so important to stay connected with them. It's hard though - new jobs, new marriages, children that have bedtimes, preschool, time differences- just life. It has hit me more lately the distance between me and my nieces. I'm missing the day to day life and seeing them grow up. I'm missing out on babysitting. I'm missing out on preschool events. I'm missing out on just being the silly-fun aunt - that can get then wired right before bedtime and then check out...

But - it is what it is!!  

So we've been trying to change that through chatting on skype together more and being more creative with our conversations.  

But how in the world do you have a fun and meaningful chat when this is the view for half of the conversation... 

Well.. you just roll with the punches - make up a few "booty" songs, laugh hysterically for no reason, make animal noises, and before long - you get this view...


and a sweet chat with my two favorite gals in the whole wide world... 

So while I miss the day to day life, I'm treasuring the silly- the different- the creative - the laughter tonight - and I'm pretty sure I got those kiddos WIRED and then I hit "disconnect"!