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they always win...


Dan and I love to play games.  

Scrabble, Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, Phase 10... you name it, we're usually up for it! 

One of MY favorites is Dutch Blitz- it's basically Solitare on crack.

FUN and FAST. 

I was introduced to this card game while living in N.Africa by some really fun gals who are really good and really fast at this game- I am neither! 

I talked about wanting it so much when I got home, that Dan got it for me for my birthday. He doesn't so much care for the game. I think it's because I always beat him... 

BUT- when I play against the above mentioned gals from N. Africa -   I never win! 

Like EVER! 

This time was no different! 

But that's okay - I'll gladly lose to them if it means they are sitting at my kitchen table and we're playing together.  So thankful for fun games of Dutch Blitz with some of my favorite friends ever.