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it's not like the movies...



New York City was amazing and beautiful and fun and busy and flashy and.... so not what I had pictured in my head from all the chick flicks I've watched! 

In my head I thought New York would be a romantic get-away for our one year anniversary - like quiet carriage rides in the park, sippin' coffee in quaint little shops, strolling hand in hand all by our selves and gazing at the Christmas tree whilst standing together in Rockefeller Plaza - just the two of us...


BUT, I didn't factor in that it's Christmas and it's New York and it's one of the most visited cities during the holidays and I had never spent time there so I really had no real understanding of how ridiculously busy and crazy NYC at Christmas is.  Whew...

Silly ME! 

Despite my oh so silly expectations - we had an amazing time walking the streets with a million other people, hand in hand, laughing at the crazy shoppers hustling and bustling down city sidewalks (you know you're singing now...), sippin' coffee and perusing through the Christmas markets, celebrating Christmas with the Rockettes, swiping subway cards once or twice or fifteen hundred times, and best of all - just being together! 

A WHOLE YEAR! We like this marriage thing and we kinda liked NYC too...