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He is With Us...



Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year and this year it has been super fun and special as we've spent our first full Christmas season together - as a married couple.  One of the things that I've loved the most is being intentional to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas - Jesus born of a virgin to save us from our sins. One of the ways we have focused on that this year is in our nightly devotion times together. We normally read scripture together and pray together but beginning in December, we began reading through a devotion using the Christmas carols that we sing and know and love.

Yes - we sing them together - no music, no cd playing,  just Dan and I, as we get ready to head to bed. I'm sure if someone was listening in - they would run away hollering with their ears covered. Or, if we had a dog - I'm sure he would be howling and yelping at the noise.... 

Just the other night - our song was "O Come O Come Emmanuel" {which just happens to be my favorite Christmas song ever!}  As we began to sing and read together - I was reminded of a special time in N.Africa worshipping with dear friends. When we all met together that particular Sunday for worship, we changed the lyrics and sang together. 

O Come, O Come Emmanuel 

and ransom captives, "enter a country name here..." 


I don't think I will ever sing that song  the same again. Because just like Israel then - a lot of other places and people are being held captive today - waiting... for Emmanuel, Jesus the Christ to come and ransom them - set them free.  

The name Emmanuel translates, "God with us". What a remarkable promise.  Who would have thought that a baby in a manger would be the start of God's perfect plan to be "with us"? And yet- that is exactly what HE did!  Rejoice! Rejoice! God made Himself present to us - through Christ! 


"Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign;

behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and you shall call him Emmanuel."  

Isaiah 7:14. 


We pray that this Christmas season, you will take time to reflect and rejoice in Christ - the newborn King.

He is with us!