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Fill in the Blank Friday Fun...



1.   My most favorite "little thing" is  today, it was a nice quiet romantic dinner with my hubby for our one year anniversary. It was lots of fun cooking up a new meal for our special night. 

2.   I give anything to be able to hug my sweet friends in N.Africa about right now - gosh, I miss those precious friends!

3.  I can't believe  how crazy and jam-packed NYC was last week - I thought we'd have the whole place to ourselves, ha! 

4. The one thing I'd like to achieve today is   get the white chocolate peppermint cheesecake made and in the fridge for tomorrow night's party with friends - so excited, about the cheesecake and the party! Oh - I've also gotta pull off our anniversary dinner tonight for Dan!! 

5.  The last thing I want to do today is the laundry and clean this messy house - but alas, it must be done.
6.  If I were writing my own blank today, it would say:   ...On a scale of 1-10, how excited and ready are you for CHRISTMAS?!? and of course, I would answer with a big fat 10, being the most excited!!

7.  My favorite candle scent is    the Yankee Candle Christmas tree one - it's over the top and I love it! You can never have enough of the "live" christmas tree smell in the house -and we even have a live Christmas tree! 
I also like to achieve my Friday Blanks over at the little things we do each Friday.  And I can cross that off my list...