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the first of many TOGETHERS...


This year was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. It's been fun celebrating this holiday the past two years from across the ocean but it was SOOO awesome to be able to wake up with my best friend and be in the same HOUSE with him and not have to worry about whether or not we would be able to connect via iChat! I had sweet memories of our Valentine's Day apart though, like my first one where he had sent me a package filled with Reese's Valentine's Day Hearts and I was going to be traveling to the village that day so he let me take it with me on the road and eat it as we traveled! All my teammates were jealous, of course! (HA!) 

(this was the before shot which had to be documented!!) 

I also remember both Valentine's Day "Red Roses" mixes that he worked so hard on and sent to me overseas. We both have a HUGE love for music and each year, Dan puts together a cd with quite a mix of songs. He even goes all out and makes a cover and everything. I love that creative boy!! 

(one of my Valentine's CD's tempting me with VDay candycorn?!) 

This year was NO different- only I got to be a wee-bit more creative on my end!!! On Sunday evening I made a special dinner of spinach and blue cheese stuffed chicken over pasta and Red Velvet Souffle for dessert - AMAZING! It was just fun to be able to eat the dinner together. Last year, we celebrated Valentine's Day with the same meal but over iChat - not quite the same, ha!

On Monday morning, I woke up REALLY early and prepared breakfast for him before he headed off to work! Breakfast included heart shaped pancakes, sausage, and fresh fruit. It was super yummy too!! 

(Valentine's Day breakfast in bed)

Monday evening, Dan surprised me with flowers and by taking me to High Cotton, a restaurant in downtown Greenville. Yummy AGAIN!  We had a great time just "being" together - no computer needed, no emails setting up the time to meet...We could actually celebrate the day together and I was so reminded how much that boy loves me - which amazes me and makes me only love him more (ok - no more mushy stuff, I promise!) 

What a GREAT first Valentine's Day TOGETHER and I can't wait for many more!!!