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Is This Real Life?


You might have seen the clip on youtube, David after the Dentist. It's about David, a little kid, whose father documents his trip home after he's had a dental procedure. He's pretty drugged up and loopy and the things that come out of his mouth and his actions are just hilarious! As Dan and I watched it,  we laughed over and over again, at the things he was asking and the thoughts that he had. But it became a little too real for me. I've been asking myself the same questions and kinda feeling the same things, in my heart as I am just now beginning to process through coming back to America, nearly 7 months later.

I've asked myself these exact questions that poor little David asked too...

Do I have stitches? (Now I know i don't have physical stitches and a hole in my mouth, but I feel as though I have mental stitches on my heart after coming home) 

I feel funny! He says that several times and boy do I agree with him! My emotions seem all over the place. My reactions to things are somewhat comical and sometimes downright sad! Sometimes I just feel funny!

Is this real life? Boy, can i ever relate to that question! At times, I laugh at myself as I journey through this re-entry process, nearly 7 months later.

Am I going to be like this forever? I've asked myself and Dan this and thankfully we know and believe that as I continue to process through life and returning back, I won't be like "this" forever.  Praise the Lord! 

I'm learning to laugh right now - at myself and at things around me. Seeing David trying to figure out "his world" through the perspective of some powerful drugs was quite comical and at times seeing myself adjusting back to America has been comical as well - sometimes!?

For a good laugh at David and at me (at times), check out the video