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frappé coffee yumminess


A few years back I gave Dan a coffee cookbook for Valentine's Day. We both have a HUGE love for all things coffee and so we have set out to make each recipe that is in the book. It's quite a task but I think we'll enjoy tasting and trying all the fun different coffee drinks, and hopefully you will too! This evening we ventured into the world of cold and frozen coffee to celebrate the coming of Spring and warm weather - and actually because we had icecream, which we never keep around because we'll eat it, ALL! 

So without further ado.... 

Frappé Coffee

8 oz. chilled strong coffee (must be really really cold!)

1 1/2 cups icecream - any flavor, we used chocolate chip

1 tbsp. vanilla or flavored syrup

1 cup ice

Put it all in a blender and blend away...

You can top with whipped cream or chocolate if you want to get fancy! Hope you enjoy! I know we'll be making these again and getting more and more adventurous with the flavors and syrups.