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a work in progress...


Growing up, my mother sewed all the time. She made all my Sunday dresses and clothes for camp. I have to be honest though, I hated it!!! I wanted the brand name clothing with the real tag in it! But, as I've grown and "matured" (ha), I have come to appreciate the talent that she possesses (and the wisdom too) and have set out to learn from her.  We've had a couple sewing lessons now and I seem to be getting it but sewing isn't an easy task. I love being creative though and putting together something with my own hands (and hers too, right now). 

This past week I took a sweet gift that my friend Katie gave Dan and I, and we made it in to a super cute bag that I can carry with me to the coffee shop and library. It was quite the task, but with mom's help and patience, we finished the project.  It's basically the starbucks burlap coffee bag (from Katie) with some really cute green and white damask material from Hobby Lobby. I need to work on making straight stitches, but as my mom said, "that will come in time..." 

This week, I've set out to start and finish my own sewing project, without the help of my mom. My task is to hem a dress that's a little too long... it's a work in progress.. I'll just leave it at that!

And my bag has already gotten lots of fun compliments. My favorite was from the barista at HubCity Coffee, a local coffee shop, that told me it was so cool except the starbucks logo... oops... hehe