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it's a tea party...


This week has FLOWN by and I'm super excited because Dan has the day off tomorrow and we are headed to see sweet friends and enjoy the weekend together. This week was busy with volunteering at the Helping Center, a ministry of First Baptist Spartanburg, and having a tea party with my dear friends Mama Betty, Carroll, Sandi & Tollie. They were so sweet to pray for me while I was overseas and I wanted to share with them a little "taste" of my time in N.Africa and some of the amazing things that God allowed me to be a part of while there. I prepared mint tea, khobz (bread), cucumber salad, zaalok (eggplant dip), and chicken and vegetable couscous. It was SCRUMPTIOUS and so much fun! I'm super excited about the bread recipe that I found and it was actually pretty close to the "real" thing.  I was able to share about life there and then Dan and Tollie rocked it out to Guitar Hero for a while. We had to be "Americans" at some point, ha! It was a fun night and I look forward to more tea parties and sharing with friends about life here and there.