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He's on ETSY...


We've been busy bees around the house lately and we're excited about some new creative things going on - the first of which is Dan's new photography shop at Etsy! Many of you know that Dan loves to be behind the camera taking pics and he's really good at it, but I AM kinda biased! He's finally taken the time to set up an etsy shop of some of his favorite pictures. It's been in the works for a while but had kinda taken a back burner with all the wedding planning and settling into life.  BUT We are finally moving forward! We've been busy getting pictures printed and working on logos and all the things that come with setting up a shop and we are excited to see what happens. You should definitely go and check out his new shop, Dan LaMee Photography, and share it with others too!  And hey - if you order anything, it's free shipping right now!! Let us know what you think and what picture is your favorite!