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All That Work...


Can I just say that i am ready for spring and summer - I've said that a million times! A few weeks back Dan and I started working out in the yard, planting our vegetable garden and moving some plants around. We replanted the mint into the whisky barrel - with the help of his parents. We replanted a tea olive and moved some daffodils. But we had one big task - grow GRASS in our backyard!! Our backyard hasn't really grown great grass before but we were both determined to change that! Dan set out with my dad's tiller!

We spread seed and fertilizer and we waited, and waited, and waited... We've been watering it like crazy. I hate to even see the water bill this month... I was beginning to think that we weren't going to have grass. I even thought to myself, "poor Dan shook his brains out holding on to that tiller for nothing...." 


this morning I woke up and it's turning green.. and we're getting grass! slowly.... we might have a fun green grassy backyard afterall...oh one could hope after all that work!!