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a quiet picnic lunch


One of our favorite things to do for lunch is to meet for a picnic at Hatcher Gardens. It's a quiet oasis in the midst of Spartanburg, with beautiful flowers, trees, and slow moving streams that bring a quiet hush to the area- that is unless there is road construction at the entrance and a back hoe digging up a new part of the gardens, and a school group having a picnic lunch too. But it was still a peaceful walk through the woods today and I got to eat lunch with my favorite person! We also enjoyed Chick-Fil-A so that made it pretty close to perfect!! 

If you live in the Spartanburg area, you should totally check out the place! It's a great place to take pictures, go on a picnic, and just enjoy the outdoors. It's located off of Reidville Rd. and nope, this isn't a paid advertisement. I don't know who Hatcher is and he definitely doesn't know who I am.. We just happen to love that place!! 

I had so much fun on our picnic lunch, I thought I would bring you along...

enjoy a walk through Hatcher