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Today, just ONE of the reasons...


I have mentioned here before that I volunteer each week at the Helping Center, a ministry of First Baptist Spartanburg. It's a food, clothing, and financial assistance ministry to those in need here in our town. Each week I hear lots of stories - some sad, some true, some that make me roll my eyes, and some that even make me cry. And each week, I'm amazed at how God works in the smallest and biggest ways. Today was no different. I wasn't really a part of this story, I just happen to be the only one with the camera. I was in the back sorting through clothes and hanging them up. Ms. JoAnn was busy interviewing clients, asking them for their name, their social security number, and how many kiddos they had like normal. Things seemed to be pretty quiet then the next thing I know I heard her sweet but firm voice calling, "kimmy.... kimmy.... come up here...." If you know Ms. JoAnn, you know my only response was to stop what I was doing and head up to the front.  So I did and this is what I found...

this cute little baby boy smiling and melting the heart of every volunteer that walked by him.

He was a happy thing now that he was swinging in his brand new swing that someone so gladly donated to the Helping Center to be given to a needy family.  That's what is neat about today. We don't normally have baby swings just lying around at the HC but someone brought this in today, and this boy and his mom walked in today needing assistance, and today- I was reminded that God gives exactly when and how HE wants to give and we get to be a part of it in such small ways by giving it all away. Each Wednesday I get to see families receive food, pick out clothes, donations come in just when we need them, and today little boys swinging happily and new mommas beyond excited that they have a new baby swing - and that is just one of the many reasons why I love serving...