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"it's Pop-Pop, Kimmy..."


My nieces are in town while their mom and dad vacation in sunny and beautiful Key West, Florida. Can you tell I'm a wee-bit jealous?! Well, I am!  While they were sunbathing and enjoying some much needed time alone,  we've been busy going to the zoo, playing around nana and pop-pop's house, going to story time at the library with our cousin Lilly. Oh, we also just had to take them to Chucke Cheese... I think I still have a headache from that place! It has been quite a FUN and busy week. It started out though with a family cookout for Pop-Pop's Birthday, also known as my dad,  but apparently I can't call him daddy-o any more because I'm quickly corrected with, "He's Pop-Pop Kimmy..." by niece #1. daddy-o is PopPop and momma is Nana and I don't know who or what to call my parents any longer - it's quite a weird place to be!!! 

Happy 65th Birthday PopPop, Dad, Daddy-O or Norman - they all work for me!! 

PopPop had a tractor cake thanks to Nana and her great cake baking skills!!

Niece #2 enjoying her hotdog a bit too much - oh she's gonna hate me when she's older for this one!!!

The girls wanting to help open PopPop's gifts!