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I will not be defeated!


This past weekend, Dan and I enjoyed working out in the yard. We finished digging out roots from around our back patio and putting mulch down around the area. We also put up our bird feeder that we've had for quite some time now. It was quite a feat to get that done. We had to go get a pole to put it on, figure out where in the world we were going to put it, and then actually dig a deep hole for said pole to go in - you get the picture. Dan worked hard digging a 2 foot hole for that pole! I enjoyed sitting back and watching him and offering my expert advice as to the height that it should be for little short me! After we were finished, we quickly began to see birds coming up to grab a quick lunch or dinner - or whatever birds call it!?! It was really neat to sit back and watch them feast.  So calming and also rewarding for all of Dan's hard work! ha

Yesterday, however, as I began to work around the house doing laundry and cleaning up - I noticed a rather large creature that had made a dwelling out of our bird feeder and was feasting away! Yep - you guessed it, a big fat kinda cute, but oh so ugly squirrel... 

I won't lie- he freaked me out with his beaty eyes and nasty long tail coming down from my beautiful bird feeder. I rushed out there and scared him off. Before I knew it though, he was back at it again... We did this quite a few times - me running out there, him scrambling, me feeling victorious, him climbing when my back was turned and actually winning... you get the picture. 

I was not to be defeated though!! I quickly thought of my time in NOLA when at Mardi Gras they would grease the poles on Bourbon to keep the drunks from climbing up and so off I ran to the pantry and grabbed a can of Pam cooking spray. I shooed him away and went to town greasing up that pole... 

and it worked... he slid right down and he tried again, and again.. for quite some time this determined squirrel tried his hardest to get to the top, but for some reason, he just kept sliding down the pole! Meanwhile, I was inside laughing hysterically at the squirrel and myself!! Oh the joy of victory - for today at least!?!

*I have a video of the whole event but have yet to figure out how to load it - so Dan will have to assist me in that!!