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two mommas...


Today was our first Mother's Day as a married couple and so we got to celebrate Mother's Day twice! We got to honor both of our mothers and spend time with them, which was lots of FUN! We spent Saturday evening with my parents and then Sunday lunch with Dan's parents and brother. As I thought about Mother's Day today, I had a new perspective and a new level of gratitude for both of our mothers and the job they continue to do and did in raising us. I've always been thankful for mine, for Frances. She's a great mom. She makes me laugh and at times she's made me cry too. She's taught me right from wrong and modeled for me to how to love others. She's a pretty great mother, if I say so myself. For the first time at Mother's Day though, I have pondered how thankful I am for Dan's momma, Eunice.  I wasn't there when Dan was growing up. In fact, I didn't come into the picture until just a few short years ago, but this woman, his momma, has always been there. She's quite funny and loving and caring. She taught him right from wrong. She's made him laugh and probably cry too. She's made him into the wonderful husband and man that he is today. So I'm thankful for her. I saw a new picture today, as a newlywed - that motherhood goes far beyond your own children. It affects many more- children, future spouses, future children and so on... So today, I'm thankful for two mommas- Frances & Eunice - and one day hope to be half the mom they are to us, but that's not anytime soon, sorry ladies! ;) 


Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for loving us, supporting us, and reading our blog when no one else does! ha