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Cinco De Mayo with smoke on the side...


For Cinco de Mayo we had a few friends over and served up a fun Mexican dinner that was pretty scrumptious, if I say so myself. We served up chicken enchilada casserole, spanish rice, chipotle cheesy beef enchiladas, and of course homemade salsa and guacamole. We topped it off with sopapilla cheesecake for dessert. It was so fun to have our friends over and spend time together. As I was preparing for the big party though, I had quite the adventure... I almost caught the kitchen on fire!! Yep- you read that right. I don't have any pictures to document this adventure because honestly, I was kinda freaking out. Dan would say I was really freaking out... ok, I was really freaking out!!

Now after a few days and recovering from this quite traumatic event, this is how it all went down... 

I set out to make home-made tortilla chips. I caught them on fire in the oven. The oven was filled with flames. The flames were shooting out the oven door. I slammed the oven door shut (our hinges don't close tightly), I waited for the flames to go down, I tried to remove the burning pan of chips, the flames went up again, I shut the oven door quickly again, I waited for the flames to go down, etc... Finally, after what seemed like forever! I grabbed the burning pan and threw it in the sink with running water and the house filled with smoke...  

Lovely...  our house now REAKED of an awful burning smell and I was going to have friends over in a few hours. I opened up every window and door in the house, turned on all the ceiling fans and bathroom fans.. but, it still REAKED! I thought to myself, "this is just great.. our friends are going to come and leave smelling like a big smoke stack... nice..."

Our friends arrived though, the food was great, the fellowship was even better, we laughed about my crazy afternoon, and it ended up not being a big deal after all - I mean really, who doesn't love a beef enchilada with a side of smoke... 

the yummy Mexican spread! 

sweet friends and sweet babies!! 

now Jason, you got some wild hair there!! 

this was the best sombrero we could come up with...