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Happy Birthday Who?!?



We took a quick road trip to the great state of Kentucky this past weekend. I love that state - the horses, the wide open spaces, family... it's just a great state! Dan's sister, Hope, is getting married in August and so the whole family headed up to Lexington to be a part of the fun wedding planning that Hope & John are in the midst of right now. Honestly, I don't envy them one bit - well, okay.. I kinda do! Wedding planning while at times was a wee bit overwhelming, it was also a fun and unique time! Seeing Hope with her planning notebook, trying on her beautiful dress, and watching all the creativity come together was lots of FUN! I know their day is going to be super fun and beautiful! Let me see how many times I can use the word FUN!?!

While we were there we also celebrated Dan's birthday, which is tomorrow! It was a team effort to pull together his cake - his mom and sister Emily made the cake, his dad made the filling, and well- I contributed by buying a can of icing and candles (sorry Mom - no homemade icing... ) and decorating it. Saturday was kind of a busy day and Hope did an excellent job at making sure we were where we were supposed to be and on time! It was quite a JOB! You should try moving 9 people around and making cake tasting appointments and reception food tasting appointments and dress trying on appointments, and getting the crew out the door for dinner and rounded up for cake and icecream... whew, I'm tired just thinking about all that she got accomplished.

Because we were busy all day Saturday, my cake decorating skills were limited and I was in a hurry when I decided that I would write "Happy Birthday Dan" on the top...or we'll just blame it on all of that!?! 

the cake kinda came out a little different than I had planned. I guess I can't write the letter "N" in cursive while decorating a cake...


Happy Birthday Dam!!!