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Our Two Dads


Yes, I know it's after Father's Day, but I haven't really had a chance to stop and sit at the computer the last couple days.  I guess if I was a super blogger I could have had this written well in advance... but alas, I'm not...

This Father's Day was fun for our family this year. This is our first Father's Day to celebrate Norman and Jim, our two dads, and we hosted a Father's Day Cookout in their honor! It was lots of fun and we had yummy food of course- thanks to Dan and his excellent burger making skills! For dinner we served up cheeseburgers on home made sourdough rolls, grilled paprika potatoes, and summer corn salad. For dessert we pulled out their two favorite desserts: key lime pie and banana pudding.  It was a relaxing evening just chatting and enjoying one another's company. We (Dan and I) are both so thankful for our two families, and especially our dads! 

On Sunday, we were each asked to share a little something about our dads with our small group - some of the stories that were shared were downright hilarious!! Neither Dan or I could come up with a funny story though - although, if given time, I'm sure there are plenty between the two of us! I'm just not quick on my feet, I guess!?! I thought it was kinda neat the stories that we both shared though - I shared about how my Dad and I use to go to the market together to sell peaches and in an effort to keep him awake as he drove late into the night, I would make up songs and sing to the top of my lungs.  Dan shared about the time that he and his dad built the small shed that we now have in our backyard (thanks, by the way for all your hard work!).

We both treasure those times that we spent side by side with our dads - either in a cab of a truck or driving a nail and cutting boards. Thank You Dads for loving us, supporting us, and giving us valuable advice along the way - and thanks Norman for letting me sing at the top of my lungs!! If only I could remember the songs we made up together!!