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a sticky situation...


So this week I have gotten myself in a sticky situation not once, but twice.  I was actually minding my own business both times when I got "stuck". The first time Dan and I were walking through the Lowe's parking lot on our way to get some kind of product for one of our many home improvement projects we have going on right now. The second time I was actually just heading in to church for Sunday worship.  Both times, I was just an innocent bystander when I stepped into a nasty pile of chewed up and spit out gum... 

UGH!! Insert my gagging noise here...

Now people, that has to be one of my biggest pet peeves - someone that just spits out there gum on the pavement for someone else to walk through later.

Seriously?!? What in the world... Why can't people hold on to their gum until they find a trashcan? Or... better yet, if they are compelled to spit it out immediately on their way into church or Lowe's - couldn't they spit it into a kleenex or piece of paper... Or... even better, just swallow the little piece of gooiness! Why must you just discard it anywhere you wish? Did your mama not teach you better than that?!? 

Ok - I'll stop now... 

To the person that spit their gum out at Lowe's and on Dean St.... you need to come clean the bottom of my shoes, please!