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one more song...



This past week didn't go quite as I had planned... Life never does, actually... when will I ever learn that?!? 

My plan for the week was to spend the week at camp sharing about life in N.Africa with some of my favorite gals but on Tuesday, that plan changed and I was back home with my family and celebrating the life of my fun and feisty grandma. My grandma was truly a life to celebrate! There are so many memories that I could share about her life - her love of piano playing, her love for the Braves, the love she showed her two kiddos, her three grandgals, and three great grands. I could share about her inability to drive and her strong dislike of squirrels. I could share many memories that have brought lots of giggles and tears this week. But my sweetest memory would be when my grandma and I would play the piano together on Christmas morning.  I remember being a little girl and just being in awe as I sat beside her on the big piano bench longing to play as good as she did one day. I played the high part, she took the low end and we would peck away. She told me a few months ago as we sat together in her nursing home room,  how much she missed playing her piano. I assured her that her piano would still be played - and played often. She just smiled, her happy content smile, and gave me a wink. Her piano is one of my "happy" places but oh how I long for one more song together with her. 

On Tuesday morning she spoke her last words, "I wanna see my husband..." and with that she not only went to see her husband, but now she's holding her precious baby girl, and she's worshipping her Savior - I wonder if she's worshipping Him with songs on the piano?!? One day I'll join her and we'll have one more song together...I'm sure it won't be Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas though...