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a happy new place



So a couple weeks ago I had the great opportunity to head back and spend a week at Camp LaVida - a place that I grew up going to each summer and a place that I absolutely LOVED! It was there where I met new friends, spent a week away from the parentals, learned about loving Jesus and loving others, and a place where I could just be a crazy fun kid who would forget to take showers every day... It was camp! I remember fun weeks of swimming and archery, cabin capers, and bible study.  I remember looking up to my cabin counselors like they were heroes. I remember learning about fun people from all around the world. I grew there in ways I could never fully share here. It was one of my happy places. 

Driving back on campus I was amazed at how at "home" I felt - I knew where the cabins were, I knew that the food was probably just gonna be "ok" and that canteen would happen every afternoon.  I knew the "routine" and even some of the songs. Yet so many things were NEW! The cabins were in the same place but they had AIR condition! WHAT?!? The food was great and canteen was bigger and better!  And they had a ROCK WALL!?! What - I would have loved that as a kiddo... 

It was a GREAT yet hard week. While I was at camp my grandmother passed away and I had to leave in the middle of the week. I was able to come back and finish out the week and what sweeter place for me to be than at Camp La Vida -  sharing life with the precious gals that were enjoying camp and remembering and praising the Lord for that place in the impact it had on my life. 

Just another note - I didn't get to do the rock wall. SAD! I was next in line when a storm came up, so maybe next year?!?