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Is it ready yet?!?


My sweet neices are here for a few weeks and we've been having a BLAST each afternoon!! Last week we put up a fun "blow-up" pool at nana and pop-pop's house for the gals to play in while they are here. It was quite the task and the little gals just couldn't wait to help and swim. Ok, I'll confess, I was ready to help and swim too! 

They wanted to help us get the pool ready and help they did, for about five minutes.  Blowing up the top and then filling it with water was hard work! Have you ever tried putting up a blow-up pool? I'll just say that I'm very thankful that we have a community pool in our neighborhood. After they tired of standing there holding the hose and watching it fill up ever so slowly, they left it to us big people to finish.

But that's okay, it was way worth all the hot and hard work to play "sharks and mermaids" with them in the pool and to hear their giggles and screams for hours...