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Waller Wedding Weekend


Last weekend, I headed up to PA to be a part of the WWW, Waller Wedding Weekend! It was lots of fun to see Robby and his new bride celebrate their big day on Sunday. The day was absolutely beautiful - and hot!  I also got to spend lots of time with sweet friends that I lived with in N.Africa. It was crazy fun to see how big the kiddos were - but they are not really kiddos anymore... sad! Alot changes in a YEAR! It was also fun to see all that they had been planning for the past few months. I love weddings and seeing how people put together their special day and this day was totally "them" - simple, elegant, and focused on the Lord. I love those kinda weddings - where Christ is the center and the rest is just "details". They did an excellent job at planning and keeping the main thing in focus! Congratulations Robby & Phoebe! So honored and blessed to be a part of the Wonderful Waller Wedding Weekend - can I think of any other W words?!?