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a new spot for me...


I love finding new places and things to do and recently came across the Greenville Children's Museum. It's one of those neat places that has been around for a few years but because I've been living overseas and we don't have children - well, I haven't had a need to enjoy the museum. That is, until my sweet but energetic neices needed something to do one afternoon that was inside and didnt' involve swimming. I can only play "shark" so many days in a row!  My sister and I headed to Greenville for the afternoon and it was super fun, especially for a four and two year old. The museum was filled with lots of hands on activities that were age appropriate and also caught and kept their attention. What little kiddo wouldn't love shopping at the grocery store, building a tall building, playing doctor, and brushing their teeth?!? 

It was a GREAT experience and we would totally go back, but there are two negatives that I would say about the place to help you be prepared when you take your own kiddos.  The cost for a two year old is only a dollar cheaper than an adult ($9/$10). That was kinda weird - usually children under two get a much cheaper rate. The second would be that the snack shop had really weird hours and they were closing at 3:00 when we stopped in which did NOT make Makenzie a really happy gal. Thankfully they did allow us to grab some bottle drinks from the cooler and take a break for a few minutes.

If you're in the Greenville/Spartanburg area you should totally check out the Greenville Children's Museum! My neices sure did enjoy it!