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Nutella Croissants - yes, please...


One of my all time favorite things while living overseas was a "chocolat pitti pan" or chocolate croissant... I would have one almost every morning when I first started language school.  On my way to class, I just had to walk by one of the best bakerys in town and the only bakery that actually had COLD coca colas in glass bottles - and I just HAD to get one. The bakery gals knew my order each time, but I guess I was the girl that was kinda hard to forget as I motioned for everything and spoke terrible Arabic! My sweet teacher Ktar, also knew that I would have my coca-cola and my croissant in hand, to get me through class, and she just kept right on teaching as I would enjoy.... 

Ahh, just thinking about Ktar, and the bakery gals, and cold coca colas from a glass bottle, and chocolate croissants makes my heart happy... 

I decided to make my own the other night, with my second favorite love - nutella. Now, if you have never had nutella... well, you are missing out! It's like chocolate yumminess with a hint of hazelnut and to be quite overdramatic - it will change your LIFE! These don't hold a candle to the real things though but it will work in a pinch, or until I get to visit N. Africa again... ahhh, I can't wait for that day!  

Nutella Croissants

  • 1 can of Crescent Rolls (the flaky and buttery kind is the best!) 
  • a jar of nutella

 Spread a spoonful of nutella across each crescent roll triangle and roll up as you normally would. Bake for about 12-15 minutes at 350. Eat warm right out of the oven and I promise you, you'll be glad you did!